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Doris Garrett  (818) 281-2206

About Me

Through life’s challenges and working with a variety of people with different personalities, I started to get inspired to help others.

Doris Garrett Life Coach

Doris Garrett M.C.L.C
Certified Professional Master Life Coach

As an Intuitive Life Coach I specialize in relationship and separation anxiety
Personal Development Coach

I was born and raised in a small Alpine Village in Austria.

My passion helping others started when I was a little girl.

I have worked as a skiing instructor, a snowboard instructor, a flower designer, a fashion model, and an office manager. I have the experience of working with different people and different personalities in all walks of life. 

Since 2002 I have been living in California and I have two wonderful daughters from my first marriage.

I am passionate about my family, and nature. I love to travel and enjoy occasionally visiting elementary schools to tell stories to the children.

I am a proud volunteer at the Redondo Beach Center for Spiritual Living

Through life’s challenges and working with a variety of people with different personalities, I started to get inspired to help others. My personal growth included seminars. There I engaged with other professionals to acquire a diverse set of tools to more effectively assist my clients in dealing with emotions.

I have proudly attained my Life Coach and Master Life Coach Certification  and am extremely excited and can’t wait to be part of your growth.



  • As a Life Coach, I support you and empower you so you can achieve your dreams and goals in life. Separation, anger, guilt and frustration, for example, are very strong emotions that can keep you from attaining the life you wish to have. Our focus will be on solutions rather than on problems. We collaborate to discover which tools work best for you so that we can start releasing the negative energy from the emotion that has kept you stuck. The purpose of this is to unlock the molecules of emotion in your personal sphere that have locked the pattern of behavior in place. It is my intention to be your partner in moving towards the life you most honestly want, personally and professionally. Through a transformation process in which we will utilize the appropriate tools, my desired outcome for you is that you will feel worthy and ready to have the courage to live your life to its fullest potential. I can coach you to: look forward, act focused, and enjoy life.

A session can change your entire perspective.

My work with you is highly confidential. You can speak freely about private matters to me. A face-to-face meeting at a location that works for both of us is the most beneficial. We can also have a session over the phone or via Skype.